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 Bring it BACK!

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Psycho Twin

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Age : 28
Registration date : 2007-05-03

Stealth Spartan Stats
Name: }S2{ Psycho Twin }S2{
Occupation: Barret Specialist
Priority In Soldat: Flag Defender

PostSubject: Bring it BACK!   Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:37 pm

1. SoldatName: Psycho Twin or -[+]-
2. Country: US
3. When you started playing soldat: about 2 years ago
4. Your AIM (if you have one): PsychoTwin92
5. Your e-mail address: PsychoTwin92@aim.com
6. Any experience (the clans where you have been): |MC|, DNA, !EL, this one too
7. Favourite weapon (primary weapons, secondary weapons): Barret/Knife
8. Why you want to join Stealth Spartans: I WANT IT BACK, DAMMIT!
9. How old are you: 18
10. What is your skill level (1-10): 8
11. Where did you hear about us?: too long to remember
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Bring it BACK!
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